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7 December 2021

Is quality website front-end important for your business?

Why does a business owner need a website at all? Maybe to increase trust in a company, showcase a brand, increase a presence in the network ... There are many goals, but in general it all boils down to attracting new customers, maintaining communication with loyal users, and ensuring sales growth.

In this post, we'll talk about what a good front-end is and how a competent approach to its development can help grow your business.

12 October 2021

Jamstack Conf 2021 Highlights

The conf took place on October 6-7, 2021. The theme of this year’s event is "Jamstack: How it started, how it’s going". The speakers explore how far the ecosystem and community have come in the last 5+ years, and why it’s such a fun time to be a frontend developer!

You’ll hear from community members who have built Jamstack apps at incredible scale and complexity, be the first to see new technology launches, and learn directly from the creators and makers in our community who are at the top of their game. You’ll also learn what’s next for the Jamstack ecosystem, including bleeding-edge frameworks and new tech at the data layer.

Here's our selection of the conference's highlights. Please enjoy!

4 October 2021

Gatsby vs Webflow: what to choose in 2021?

The modern world is developing rapidly, and new web technologies appear every day. Today, you can create a SaaS app, static page, or online store in a dozen different ways. Building a site on Webflow, as well as development on the Gatsby stack, has become widespread. Which one should you choose? After reading this article, you will get closer to the answer to this question.

20 September 2021

Does your site need a redo on Jamstack?

The reasons for changing your website design vary depending on the specific marketing goals of your business. Most often, sites are redesigned for rebranding, increasing traffic, attracting more leads, and adding features to improve the user experience. When properly aligned with your overall business strategy, a redesign can help you boost conversions, rank higher, and meet the needs of your team and visitors.

If your site is already fast, and also generates leads, then congratulations, because you can leave everything as it is! If not, perhaps our article will help you decide on this important step. In this case, the Jamstack approach to development might help to solve most of the problems.

9 September 2021

Best WordPress alternatives in 2021

About half of all websites are now powered by WordPress. But despite its popularity, this CMS is often criticized, and people are wondering if it is worth using it at all in 2021.

If you are planning to build a website, then WordPress will probably be the first platform you try. But does it have alternatives? And do we even need them?

Yes, we do, and there are many reasons.

26 August 2021

Are Jamstack sites SEO-friendly?

While search engine optimization is still important, it has outgrown simple keyword placement and tag optimization. There are hundreds of ranking factors (if not more) that Google takes into account when placing pages in SERPs. However, we do not know the exact importance and value they have in ranking algorithms.

What we know is nowadays, if you want to properly implement search engine optimization, you have to think about more than the desired keyword, title and other tags. You should also consider branding, audience behavior, search intent, user experience, backlinks, analytics, and competition. And from May 2021, page control signals are also taken into account in Core Web Vitals.

And believe it or not, having a Jamstack site helps a lot to meet most of these requirements, including the Web Vitals metrics.

10 August 2021

The best website builders to take your business off the ground in 2021

The modern way to quickly launch a business website is to use builders, no-code tools and special services that provide basic opportunities for starting sales on the web. But how do you know which platform suits your needs now and can grow with you? This review will help you find out.

29 July 2021

The tools you need for your JAMstack site to take off

The success of a business today largely depends on the speed and reliability of a web application or site. In order to develop and launch a high-quality site on the Jamstack, you will need services that greatly simplify the job. In this review, we will tell you about the most popular tools, many of which we use in our projects. Of course, the list is far from complete, but the listed tools will be enough to build better, faster and more reliable sites in a shorter time frame and ultimately increase your business performance.

21 July 2021

15+ Useful JAMstack resources

Jamstack has gained immense popularity among developers. This approach offers many benefits, ranging from much better performance to small business affordability, while also offering a range of better build tools. We have collected the most useful resources to help you, as a developer, navigate the world of a JAMstack development. Of course, the list is incomplete, but we will expand it!

15 July 2021

Low Code, No Code, Pro Code - which approach to choose?

Surviving a fast-paced market, where new competitors emerge every day and we need to meet and exceed customer expectations, is not easy. Agility is the key to success.

Industry analysts highlighted the potential value of Low-Code for business agility. The demand for new software has skyrocketed. By 2023, more than 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed - the same number that has been developed over the past 40 years.

10 June 2021

Google Web Vitals and Jamstack

Web Vitals is a program launched by Google to create a common set of quality signals that can help measure the effectiveness of a user experience on the web. Google will soon start taking these metrics into account in its search rankings, and many developers and business owners will be wondering how to pass tests and get the highest rankings possible for their page or SPA.

29 March 2021

How to couple Gatsby.js and WordPress

Developers love Jamstack and are increasingly using it in their work. But WordPress remains a very popular CMS: it has an excellent admin panel, which provides ample opportunities for content management. So why not take the very best from two different approaches, especially since there is such an opportunity now?

15 March 2021

Why do you need to move to Headless CMS and JAMstack?

The JAMstack is not just a technology in the form of a specific set of tools. This is a new approach to creating static sites, with the choice of tools taken by the business owners and the developers. But when exactly it is the time to give up your old monolithic approach and follow the JAM trend? Well, let’s try to figure it out.

7 March 2021

How the Jamstack approach can significantly speed up website development

A business suffers losses if it does not bring a product to market on time due to protracted development. There is a research that shows that a product that is six months late generates 33% less profit over five years; if it is released on time, but exceeds the budget by 50%, this leads to a decrease in profits by only 4%.